What is the best software for my trucking operation?

Most trucking companies have some sort of fleet management software to manage freight and the front-end operations of the business. However, one thing that often gets overlooked, and can cost a trucking company thousands of dollars, is the backend integration with accounting and accounts payable software.

As a trucking operation grows, the software must grow with it. If the trucking software you are using does not integrate with your fleet management system and your accounting system, it could be costing you thousands of dollars every year.

According to TruckingInfo, there are over 15.5 million trucks operating in the United States, so managing your fleet the most efficiently gives you a competitive advantage. Know when to do a software evaluation and upgrade – before it is too late.

What Features Are Important in Trucking Software?

Load Entry. Ensuring you never miss billing for a load, your software system must have load entry tracking to record each shipment from start to finish.
Dispatch Management. Keeping track of scheduled loads is critical to the success of any company, and a software management system for trucking companies should include a reliable dispatch management tool to ensure loads are able to ship on time by having cabs and drivers available to fulfill the shipping request.
Fuel & Milage Tax. Often something that can cost a trucking company thousands of dollars if not managed properly are the fuel and mileage taxes. IFTA tax is required for any motor vehicle that has three or more axels, regardless of its weight. Managing this paperwork through your trucking software system can ensure paperwork is always available and up-to-date.
Freight Billing. Paying an invoice or getting paid can be the most challenging part of a job for a trucking company. You’ll want to ensure your billing system integrates with your fleet management system to ensure timely, accurate billing is done for every load that is carried.

No Hidden Fees

At Systems Support, Inc. (SSI) we believe in providing our clients with the products and services that help their operation run more efficiently. We offer an integrated software solution with the key features and benefits a standard trucking company will use. We offer up-front, cost-effective additional features for those with sophisticated tracking or management needs. At SSI, we have developed the most complete transportation management solution for the truckload carrier operation. Whether you have a fleet of 20 or 1,000 trucks, run vans, reefers, flatbeds, bulk, or tanks, we’ve got a complete solution to allow you to manage and grow your business.

Give us a call at (800) 369-5027 or contact us to learn how SSI can help you upgrade your trucking software solution.