PowerPRO Transportation Software
Delivering Results


SSI has listened to our requests and our system is responsive to our needs. That alone, is a testament to their continued desire to deliver top notch customer service. Next year is 25 years with SSI. We have no desire to go anywhere else, because they are at the root of our success.

Kyle Kottke

Kottke Trucking, Inc
Buffalo Lake, MN


The system works great for us and the support we get from your team has been excellent.

Ken Oubre

TSL Transportation
St. Louis, MO


SSI has been our software provider for over 25 years. We went to their PowerPRO software about 8 years ago and have been very happy with it. Their customer support is very responsive and knowledgeable.

Todd Johnson – President – Johnson Feed, Inc.

I wanted to take a moment and communicate to you how happy we are with PowerPro from SSI. Our experience has been overwhelmingly positive since our migration over two years ago.  It has always been and continues to be a pleasure to work with the people of your customer service and support department. They are equipped with not only the knowledge of the software but they also possess an understanding of real world business procedures. This is a valuable asset when we can be assured that they know how a trucking company functions beyond its computer systems.  I have also found that they are very willing to accept input on functionality and willing to consider desired features in their development process.  In my past, I have worked with many software vendors and can honestly say SSI is the best on many levels.


Benjy Smith
IT/Operations Manager
Barber Trucking, Inc.



J&H Transportation, Inc. researched, reviewed, and compared many top rated Carrier Freight Management Programs including Power Pro, while at decision time only one stood out as the best fit for our company. PowerPro.

This decision has proved to be the right one as PowerPro integrated all aspects of our business model into one easy to use platform. We now have real time information available at the fingertips of every employee to ensure educated decisions are being made on a daily basis.

Efficiencies have been realized by utilizing auto rating systems, auto fuel surcharge application, and fuel card uploads as well as eliminating duplication and using the management tools available to adjust lanes that better serve our goals. PowerPro is a valued partner with J&H Transportation in our goal to stay competitive in the constantly changing trucking and brokerage arenas.

John Blickenstaff
J&H Transportation, Inc.
Andover, KS


Frisard’s Trucking

Having been a customer since 2001, our experience has been nothing but pleasurable. In late 1990 early 2000, we worked as an agent for a major trucking company using the Innovative System. PowerPro has exceeded our expectations after using that system and when scanning became available in 2004, I would rate PowerPro “Tops in the “Industry”.

Martin Frisard
Frisard Trucking



DILTS TRUCKING, INC. was founded by Clifford Dilts in 1946, hauling farm-related goods (cattle, grain. salt). The business was started at the Dilts Farm in Crescent, Iowa , where it still operates today. The business incorporated in 1958, and in 1985 expanded the operations by receiving its Authority for General Freight, continuing to flourish until Clifford’s death in 1994.

In 2004 a Broker’s authority was obtained and DILTS ENTERPRISES, INC. was formed to add diversification to the business. With the formation of the brokerage company it  quickly became apparent our existing software was not up to the task of running a brokerage firm.

After several months of laboring with the existing software we decided we needed to find something better. We began looking for software packages that would support all aspects of the company from brokerage to equipment repair. In addition it needed to be user friendly, and be built on a stable hardware and software platform.

After sitting through several software demos from various software vendors we chose SSI’s POWERPRO software. We chose POWERPRO for several reasons – POWERPRO had an integrated fleet maintenance and brokerage module, very sophisticated management reporting tools, and was extremely user friendly.

Now that we are up and running live, we are really beginning to appreciate the software. We are saving approximately 4 hours a week on billing and receivables. Because of the integration between the trucking and brokerage modules, billing and receivables are a breeze. We no longer have to enter loads into the brokerage software and then re-enter them in the trucking software if we haul the load.

The maintenance shop did some grumbling when we installed the fleet maintenance module. It took them a few weeks to realize how it made their life easier knowing exactly what parts and how many of them they had in inventory. We are saving approximately 3 hours a week because we do not run out of parts like we did before we began using POWERPRO. It is also allowing us to manage preventive maintenance schedules much better than the old software by letting us to forecast when they will be due.

Other features we are using to manage our business better are the equipment tracking capability and the MGT INQUIRY. We now know exactly where equipment is at all times, plus we can tell real time what equipment is making money and which is not. With the high cost of equipment, fuel, and all the other obstacles facing us in the transportation industry, it is essential we utilize all of our assets to the fullest and know exactly what is making a profit and what is not, in order to be successful.

Frank Gunderson
Operations Manager
Dilts Trucking, Inc.