Systems Support Integrates with ORBCOMM

Discover how integrating trucking software can add increased support for your trucking operations. When ORBCOMM, a leading provider of internet tracking software for the transportation industry, needed to connect multiple operating systems for their and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication solutions, they turned to PowerPRO .

As ORBCOMM continued to evolve and grow each year, they needed a new trucking management system that could keep up with the growth of their company. ORBCOMM has joined SSI as they connect themselves with advanced trucking software.

Systems Support (SSI) integrated their PowerPRO software with ORBCOMM’s operating system to provide a solution that created efficiencies and reduced workflow for the client.

SSI invests in giving the trucking industry good quality software. In doing so, SSI hopes for more efficient truck TMS. This improves communication between companies and the trucks that are being used.

What is the solution?

The solution to ORBCOMM’s growing company is PowerPRO. This computer software created by SSI helps with operations management, accounting, document imaging workflow, integrated add-on modules, and partner integration.

PowerPRO deployment maintains data and information occupied through a single database with no 3rd party interaction. With it being a single database, that means there is no transferring which brings more accuracy to management and reporting. This software makes it, so the individual only has one person to contact for questions and concerns.

How will PowerPRO help ORBCOMM?

With PowerPRO , ORBCOMM is accessible to their information through one way, there will not be multiple channels of communication and flow of information. ORBCOMM can now pay their employees quicker and through the entry of information, it will stay in the same place. Everything will be more organized, which will bring less chaos in the process of tracking things.

SSI is excited to work with ORBCOMM and see the advancements their growing business makes with PowerPRO.

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