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“Quality service is the essence of Systems Support’s culture.”  This is the first sentence in our companies Mission Statement and our #1 commitment to our customers.  Our support after the sale is what separates SSI from the rest.   We understand that when you commit to SSI and our PowerPRO software, that you are placing your confidence in us to be a partner in your success.  This is a responsibility which we take very seriously!

The average tenure of all SSI employees today is over 17 years!  That’s right, when you have a question or are in need of assistance, you will be connected to an experienced, knowledgeable individual who can answer and assist you.  With SSI, you will not start at the bottom and have to fight your way up the ladder to reach someone who can actually assist you.  As a supported customer, you will have access to unlimited, toll free telephone support, as well as all our standard software updates.

Sure, every company will tell you that they provide quality support but that is just “lip service.”   At SSI, we prefer that our current customers share their experiences with you.  After all, they are more believable than us, right?  We can connect you with other similar companies such as yours, possibly even someone in your area that you already know who can tell you about their experiences with SSI’s product and support.  In return, we ask you to also share your experiences once you are up and running with the software.

Over the past 3 years, 70% of our new sales have come to SSI as a direct referral from one of our current customers!  We believe that our investment in customer service far outweighs any financial investment in advertising which we could do.  A happy customer is our best sales tool!

Check out our FAQ’s for answers to some common support questions or call us today!

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