How is the software priced?

The PowerPRO “base package” is licensed per user.  We have numerous, optional modules based on your companies specific needs and requirements which can be added from the start, or as your company grows.  This pricing structure makes it affordable for the small to mid-size carriers to utilize the same tools as larger companies.  Since we are user based, unlike others, you will not be charged extra just for growing your truck fleet.  After all, isn’t the idea of software to allow you to do more with less?

Does PowerPRO have its own accounting?

Yes, PowerPRO software is a complete program with its own integrated accounting.  Information entered into one module seamlessly flows throughout.  All of your information is stored in a single database as opposed to being transferred, providing for accuracy in management and reporting.  As well, with SSI, you have one partner to contact with any questions and/or assistance that you may need.

Is there an annual maintenance contract?

Yes.  The annual fee is based on a percentage of the licensed software, so it varies from customer to customer based on size and modules.   Our maintenance includes unlimited help desk support, as well as all our standard software updates.  This insures that you are always up to date with the latest products we offer.  Many other software providers separate the two, and force you to purchase their updates separately.

As well, when an update is available, one of our experienced CS reps will move the program updates to your machine.  Then we will coordinate a convenient time to install the new features.  With SSI, you do not have to pay your outside network service provider to install our software updates, we will handle it for you.

How does the implementation process work?

Typically, all of our installation and implementation support is done remotely via Internet connection and telephone.  This method has proven to not only be the most effective, but also the most cost efficient for our customers.

You will be given a primary implementation coordinator to assist you through the process.  We will guide you through the set up process step-by-step, allowing you to work at your pace at a time which is convenient for you.  For example, we will explain and show you step 1, then allow you to go to work on it.  When you are ready, we will move to step 2.  Once the set up is complete, we will create a “training database” and hold individual or group training sessions to make sure everyone is comfortable prior to the “go live” date.

Remote training allows us to be available at convenient times for your people.  That way, you are only paying for time which is actually being used.  We are not in your office, at your desk, wasting your valuable training hours, watching you and waiting for you to deal with the daily grind.  Things normally slow down at 3:00 pm?  That works, we will train then.  As well, we will not be invoicing you for expensive airfare/travel, lodging, and meal expenses.

Can PowerPRO handle multiple companies?

Yes.  Many of our customers separate their trucking operations from their brokerage, or their fleet shop.   Even different types of fleets or load types can be separated.  PowerPRO will allow multiple companies in a single database, so master files can be shared, or companies can be set up completely independent of one another.  Each company can have their own accounting and financial reporting, as well the ability to produce combined financials.

Can I add features and/or modules in the future?

Absolutely.  Start out with the base programs and interfaces which you need today.  When/if the need for additional modules arises you can add them at anytime.  Don’t need EDI, satellite integration, of document imaging today?  No worry.  With PowerPRO, you can be confident that you have the ability to grow with the system as your company and your needs grow.  You will not be forced to go buy, learn, and implement a new software system just because you desire to add additional features in the future.

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