PowerPRO Transportation Software
Delivering Results


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The heart of the PowerPRO software is our dispatch “Warboard.”  All load planning and fleet management functions are combined in one, easy to use screen.  Our split screen design allows you to view your available orders on the top, and your available trucks on the bottom.


  •  User-defined Regions, Areas, Load Types, and Fleet Codes allow users to focus on their area of responsibility.
  • Drag and drop load assignments with instant deadhead miles calculation.
  • User-defined color coding based on Load Type, making for easy recognition.
  • Hot Loadand appointment warnings.
  • Pre-plan load assigments for optimal utilization.
  • “Nearest Tractor” and “Nearest Load” finders to maximize your utilization and reduce costly empty miles. 

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  • Fleet Manager screen for proactive driver management and customer service.
  • Effective trailer control and movement history
  • Balance Screen to analyze your inbound and outbound freight booking needs
  • Solicitation Screen to know who to call, and keep record of your contacts
  • Quick access to Load Entry and customer’s rates.
  • Transfer loads to the Brokerage Warboard with a single click.
  • Manage split loads, warehoused loads, or manifests.


PowerPRO’s Warboard provides all the tools to manage your daily dispatching needs.  And, don’t forget to ask us about our Driver Management tools!