Time is money.  Do more with less.  Work smart, not hard.  We’ve all heard these sayings, and they can become a reality!

You have heard terms like “dispatch software,” or “trucking software,” but our PowerPRO software is a complete Transportation Management Software.  PowerPRO gives the front line employees the tools to effectively and efficiently do their jobs, while providing management oversight to improve productivity, eliminate wastes, and ultimately, improve your company’s profitability. 

PowerPRO is a fully integrated system, covering everything from dispatch to our own trucking specific accounting software.  Unlike others who export info from their dispatch software to 3rd party accounting programs, PowerPRO maintains a single database for consistent and accurate reporting.  In ours, accounting adjustments are reflected in dispatch, keeping everything in sync.  With theirs, information flows one way, causing dispatch reports to not match accounting reports, leaving you questioning what to believe.

With PowerPRO, we support it all.  You do not have one vendor to call with dispatch questions, and someone else to call for your accounting issues.   Or, more importantly, you are not caught in the middle of two software vendors denying responsibility and pointing fingers at the other.  At SSI, you will receive your training exclusively from our experienced staff, and will deal with us exclusively for any questions which arise.  Additionally, with SSI you will not be paying separate maintenance contracts for your accounting software, your Fleet Maintenance software, or other add-on features. 

Save time, save money, and improve productivity and the bottom line.  Call us today.