Is Your Trucking Software Holding You Back?

Your customers are demanding more and more of you as a transportation provider; can your software deliver?  Are you a carrier who is easy to do business with, or is your current technology holding you back?

When should I upgrade to new transportation software?

Don’t put it off any longer. Often carriers stay loyal to their existing transportation management software (TMS) for years – since the start of their business operations – but as trucking fleets grow, often the software system they are using does not grow with them.  The systems are not able to efficiently serve the needs of their customers or provide many of the common services their customers need.

Making the decision to upgrade to a more sophisticated TMS can feel like a major undertaking, but in the long run, it will save you time and money in your trucking operation.

Without upgrading your trucking software, your operations could fall behind

Many find themselves receiving emails or monitoring customer websites to review and/or accept their load tenders.  Likewise, they must constantly return to these sites to update the customer with scheduled appointments, arrival and departure times, and even in-transit locations of the shipments.  Their lack of a TMS system with integrated EDI capabilities has not only become a source of frustration for their customers, but also creating inefficiencies in their dispatch room.

As a carrier you have made tremendous financial investments in required ELD packages, only to be missing out on significant value of owning these systems without integration to your TMS.  Without integration, many are not using the full capabilities of sending dispatch information to the driver, geo fencing, auto workflow and even auto dispatching.  Not to mention, not having the vehicle GPS history in your TMS to be integrating with the popular load tracking systems which many customers are demanding today.

Without an upgrade, trucking companies often have to do double or triple entry to sync the information from the TMS with their accounting systems for billing and payroll.  All of this leads to further inefficiencies in the office, and the risk of error, costing you time and money.

Trucking Software Solution

PowerPRO is a fully integrated transportation management software designed for the ever-changing needs and demands of today’s successful trucking companies.  Seamless integration with your customer via EDI and load tracking service providers, delivered automatically through the dispatching process.  Systems Support, Inc. (SSI) has developed integrations to the industry’s leading in-cab, ELD providers to maximize your office and driver efficiency, all leading to serving your drivers and customers to continue to grow your business.

Request a free demo, or give us a call today at 1-800-369-5027 to discuss how our PowerPRO software can solve your operational issues and put you on the path to success.