PowerPRO Transportation Software
Delivering Results

Integrated Accounting

Accounting software trucking industryPowerPRO is a complete transportation software package, complete with our own integrated accounting modules.  What does this mean to you?  It means that a single order entry flows throughout the software, eliminating the need for re-entry, or transferring your activity into another software program.   Loads delivered in the dispatch software are auto rated, and are immediately available in freight billing as soon as they are completed.  Settlement and/or carrier payables are also available to their respective area once a load is completed.

Other software provides incorporate 3rd party accounting packages in which your data needs to be transferred or uploaded.  These accounting packages may provide you with the basic financial information, but they will not show you the facts behind what is driving the results.  With PowerPRO, you can drill down on the numbers, see the history and the actual transactions to get the facts. Fast, reliable information at your fingertips that you don’t get with these 3rd party packages.

Because we are a complete, integrated software package, you can trust the information in the PowerPRO reports.  We collect and store all the data in a single database which is connected to all modules, insuring that the data stays in sync.  With outside accounting packages, adjustments made in the accounting side to revenue and/or expense side, never make it back to the dispatch program.  Hence, your dispatch reports will never be accurate, and your accounting software will not provide you with the critical operations reports which you need.

Because PowerPRO is a complete trucking software solution you will receive all your training, support, and software updates from one source, us.  You will not get caught in the middle as two vendors point fingers at each other, blaming the other, as your issue remains unresolved.  One call to SSI and you will get the help you need.