PowerPRO is a complete, fully-integrated software program. Loads entered in the Dispatch module flow all the way to the General Ledger, providing consistency and reliability of the information throughout. Integration saves time, money, and reduces the opportunity for mistakes!

PowerPRO’s Dispatch module gives you the tools to effectively manage your assets to maximize your equipment utilization, and provide the level of service which your customers expect. Enter your customer order information, make your driver assignments, and manage those resources efficiently and effectively. Plus, we have a host of valuable reports for you to monitor and manage your performance.

Once delivered, your completed load is auto rated and moves seamlessly to the Freight Billing module, and driver pay is calculated and sent to the Settlement/Payroll area. No re-entry of information is required. Manage your Accounts Receivable and Collection process with ease. The PowerPRO financial reporting tools allow you to customize the formatting of your financial reports, and manage your business as you choose.

Of course, PowerPRO can help you to manage all your regulatory compliance issues, from your Fuel Tax Reporting, drivers Hours of Service, and license/physical expiration.
Our software products are only the beginning of our commitment to you. Our Customer Service staff is the best in the industry! At SSI, we develop relationships with our customers, understand their needs, and view ourselves as partners in their success. But don’t believe us, talk to our customers!

Find everything you need in one, complete, user-friendly software program. PowerPRO is the only software product that you will ever need. Give us a call today and let us show you how our PowerPRO suite of products can go to work for you.