What software do I need for my trucking business?

Many trucking business owners keep track of their expenses through a spreadsheet on Excel. Others have a paper filing system to track information and input data into QuickBooks. However, if you have more than a dozen trucks, a TMS (Trucking Management Software) is the most efficient way of keeping track of expenses and other data.

Trucking Software. The best trucking company software packages on the market today are integrated systems. Most trucking software companies offer that feature. So how do you choose which TMS, is best for your trucking company?

Does your trucking software provide you the efficiencies you need?

Small trucking companies can use a basic TMS to provide all the integration they need to be successful. Be careful not to invest in an overly complicated product that costs a lot of money. Using a trucking software for small truck companies (from 5 – 50 trucks or more) can save you time and money.

How does it save me time?
Small trucking software TMS products will save you money by helping you integrate your billing, payroll and more. Plus, working with a company who specializes in the small trucking business will ensure you will get the attention you need – when you need it – and you won’t be sent to an automated message or answering service.

Bookkeeping Basics for Truckers

  1. Save receipts, no matter how insignificant the charge may seem.
  2. Log your miles and save your logbooks.
  3. Keep finances separate. Open a separate checking account for your business.
  4. Use a separate credit card for gas, maintenance, and other business expenses.
  5. Save your records. Keep track of contracts including contact information and billing.

Are you getting the most out of your trucking software?

Identifying the best trucking software for your business can be time-consuming. Some organizations have lots of bells and whistles built into their TMS products, but if you are a small to mid-sized trucking organization and don’t need all that extra stuff, why pay for expensive trucking software?

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